I  am a dual Lebanese-Canadian  citizen and was born and raised in Lebanon.

Ever since I was a kid I knew that I wanted to be an artist, especially a story artist. I am an avid collector of comic books, and a huge fan of Sci_fi and Fantasy movies andgames. I find that, if games are played right, they can transcend the challenges of time.

I graduated from Notre Dame University (Lebanon)  with a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic design and a concentration on moving images. Although the program taught me many valuable skills,  I knew that it wasn't enough to help me fulfill my true passion - 3D movies and games  -  which I relentlessly researched and practiced during my spare time.

After graduation, I enrolled in the 3D Animation and Visual Effects program at Vancouver Film School, focusing on the modelling stream where my strongest skills lie. I am however interested in all aspects of 3D and am hoping to widen and expand my range of skillsets.  

My resume and demo reel can be downloaded at this website.  I hope you will enjoy my website and I'm more than happy to answer any questions or comments you may have.

Thank you for visiting my website.